Friday, May 22, 2009

Zero Day in Waynesboro

Friday, 5/22

AT Miles = 0 / 833.9
Other Miles = 0 / 31.1
Total Miles = 0 / 865.0

As I think I mentioned yesterday, I talked Jodi into staying over an
extra day before driving back to Bethesda. It was a wonderful day. In
the morning we went to the post office so I could pick up my bounce
box, then to ther grocery store, and finally out to the outfitters so
I could buy stover alcohol and a couple of other small iems.

When we pulled into the outfitter's parking lot I spotted Sir Richard
with a few other hikers. I haven't seen Sir Richard since Atkins, and
was surprised to see him here in town. It turns out that he has
suffered from shin splints so has been in town for three days, and is
heading back out to the trail tomorrow.

After finishing our shopping, Sir Richard joined Jodi and I and we
drove out to Staunton and walked around a bit until we found a nice
pub out at the old train station where we spent a couple of hours in
coversation and having lunch and a couple of beers.

Once we were back in Waynesboro we dropped off Sir Richard back at the
YMCA lot where they allow hikers to camp for free, so that he could
finish his resupply shopping. Jodi and I headed back to our hotel
where I tried to get my gear organized (there's still lots of
organizing to be done), and I spent some time in the hot tub and the
swimming pool. Aah, this thru-hiking gig is hard work!

In the evening, by prearrangement, we picked up Sir Richard again and
we all drove back to Staunton for a wonderful meal at the best
restaurant we could find. The meal was accompanied by much good
conversation. I am really glad Sir Richard got to meet Jodi, as I have
of course spent hours talking about her during evenings along the

All this luxury has to come to an end, and tomorrow after lunch Jodi
will drop me back on the trail and I will get back to my other life of
no showers and one pot meals. I should hike through Rockfish Gap and
into Shenandoah National Park sometime on Sunday.

Allen F. Freeman

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Allyson said...

Staunton is a great little town! I was just there a week prior to you for a conference. Ate at The Mill. There is SunSpot, a glass blower, who does fabulous work.

I have a coworker's son who just went out to hike part of the AT this past week. I am following him as well.