Friday, May 22, 2009

Brown Mountain Creek Shelter to Seeley-Woodworth Shelter

Tuesday, 5/19

AT Miles = 15.8 / 811.1
Other Miles = 0 / 30.9
Total Miles = 15.8 / 842.0

Cold! Damn, but it was cold last night! The temperature dropped to just above freezing down in the hollow where we were camped. That would have been fine if I still had my warmer seeping bag and my heavier long johns, but those were sent home back in Pearisburg. I slept alright until about 4:00AM, when I woke up with feet feeling like ice cubes and definitely feeling the cold penetrating through the bottom ofmy hammock.

You'd think, that being the case, that I would have been up and about early. Well, you'd be wrong. When it's cold it is really hard to get out of the sleeping bag, so I didn't get started on the day's hike until nearly 9:00AM.

The first five miles were all uphill, so I was soon thoroughly warmed up and stripped down too running shorts and running shirt. It was a gorgeous day for hiking; sunny and dry and cool. I sat atop Cold Mountain for over an hour eating lunch, admiring the view, and having a long cell phone conversation with my daughter, Anju. It did my heart good to talk to her. Boy, how I miss her!

I also talked to Jodi, and we firmed up plans for her to come scoop me off the trail on Thursday and transport me back to civilization for a brief visit. Jodi will be in D.C. for her nephews bar mitzvah, and she's borrowing her sister's car and driving out here to see me. Hurrah! It's been over two months since we've seen each other and I miss her dearly. I am SO excited!

When I left Daleville I planned to resupply on Monday, but I've ended up stretching my supplies to last until Thursday. Well, they won't really stretch quite that far, and I just ate my last supper. Tomorrow is going to be pretty lean, and I plan to eat everything in my food bag tomorrow -- which isn't much -- with the exception of some cold cereal for Thursday's breakfast and maybe a granola bar.

Allen Freeman

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