Friday, May 22, 2009

Seeley-Woodworth Shelter to Harpers Creek Shelter

Wednesday, 5/20

AT Miles = 14.4 / 825.5
Other Miles = 0.2 / 31.1
Total Miles = 14.6 / 856.6

Today was a short day at only a bit over 14 miles. Just like short
weeks at work, short days on the trail often seem to last forever.

The views from Spy Rock in the morning were fabulous, then I dug in to
climb The Priest, which seems a strange name for a mountain. I stopped
at The Priest Shelter on the way up to do some of my laundry and to
eat lunch. After lunch I finished the climb up and then was faced with
four miles of steep downhill coming down the other side. Oh, my aching

I did see a deer at one of the switchbacks on the way down, and she
stood still long enough for me to take several photos. That was pretty

At the end of the day I crossed the Tye River and climbed a thousand
feet in two miles to get to Harpers Creek and the Harpers Creek
Shelter. Since I had stretched my food supply out from 4 days to 7
days, all I had left for dinner tonight is some cashews and raisins,
and a foil pack of tuna. Yummy! I saved a half a bowl of granola and
one granola bar for tomorrow. That should get me the 8 miles to where
Jodi is meeting me, then it will be into town where I can eat all I

Allen F. Freeman

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