Thursday, July 02, 2009

DWG to Rutherford Shelter

Wednesday, 7/1 & Thursday, 7/2

AT Miles = 23.6 / 1308.4
Other Miles = 1.2 / 45.4
Total Miles = 24.8 / 1353.8

AT Miles = 15.3 / 1323.7
Other Miles = 0.8 / 46.2
Total Miles = 16.1 / 1369.9

Sorry, but I am combining two days' blogs again. I didn't journal last night because the mosquitoes were ferocious and they chased me into my hammock as soon as I finished my chores and ate my dinner.

Yesterday was a really nice day. I felt strong and ate up the miles. Sunfish Pond was beautiful in the morning mist. I saw a half dozen deer at various points during the morning, as well as rabbits and frogs and a raccoon. I caught up to the crowd that includes Squeegie and The Twins and Half Moon and Sunbeam at lunch time. I also met two section hikers named Howdy and Minnow. Oh, and D.O.C. was there. D.O.C. is a very cool young guy of 19, who is a bit of an accidental thru-hiker. He started out planning to hike from Fontana Dam to his home in Daleville, VA, but was enjoying it so much he just kept going.

A while after lunch I ran into D.O.C. and Howdy and Minnow again, and they were going to take a half mile side trail to a swimming pond, and I decided to go with them. It was a nice sunny afternoon and the water felt wonderful. By the time I got to the shelter my feet were pretty sore, and the mosquitoes were absolutely awful, but the day as a whole was wonderful.

Today, on the other hand, was a pretty miserable day. It rained early this morning and it stayed hot and very muggy all day. The mosquitoes have been awful.

So far on my hike I have fallen twice, both on the morning I walked into Pearisburg. Today, I took falls numbers 3, 4, and 5. Wet boots on wet rocks can be like ice. On one fall I landed on my wrist, and it is pretty sore. I don't think I did anything really bad. It isn't swollen or discolored, and I have full range of motion. But it feels very tender when I lean heavily into my hiking poles, which I do when going downhill.

So, I need to stop this and make my dinner, as it is 6:30. More tomorrow. Goodnight from NJ.

"Home is where I hang my food bag"

Allen Freeman

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Judy said...

The mosquitos are awful just in my back yard from all this rain (a month already!) I have a feeling you'll be encountering a lot of sqeeters this season on the trail.

The swim sounded lovely!