Thursday, June 25, 2009


There are several ways to get in touch with me duringmy hike. There is a guest book on my blog, and I encourage everyone who cares to to sign it. It's fun to see who is reading my blog. But if you are trying to get in touch with me and expecting me to see your communication soon, please don't use the guest book. It is very difficult for me to access the guestbook contents using the tiny browser onmy cell phone.

You can leave a comment on any post inmy blog, and your comment automatically gets emailed to me overnight so I will see it usually the next day. But remember that comments are public and anybody else can see your comment.

If you want to communicate directly with me, you can send email to me at allen <at> allenf <dot> com. You know what to replace the <at> and <dot> with, right?

And now we return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

"Home is where I hang my food bag"

Allen Freeman

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