Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Catawba Mountain Shelter to Lamberts Meadow Shelter

Wednesday, 5/13

AT Miles = 8.4 / 709.2
Other Miles = 0 / 29.9
Total Miles = 8.4 / 739.1

I purposely made it a very short day today. It was actually quite difficult. I slept an extra hour late. I took my time making breakfast. I walked slowly.

I got up to McAfee Knob about 9:30, and I hung out there until 11:30, then I mloseyed on to the Tinker Cliffs and hung out there until after 3:00, then finally walked the last mile or so to this shelter.

The highlight of the day, other than the great views, was nearly getting run over by a deer. I was at a place where the trail comes around a large rock outcropping, and as I came around one way the deer was coming around the other way. That was one startled deer!

Tomorrow it's off to Daleville. We are only about 9 miles away and the plan is to be there when the Pizza Hut AYCE buffet starts at 11:00. Then I'll get a motel room, do my shopping for the next leg of the hike, shower, wash my clothes, and enjoy all those town luxuries like flush toilets, TV, a bed with clean sheets, etc.

Allen Freeman


Anonymous said...

We are rooting for you Allen!

This weekend Krompy is leading a maintenance hike to Story Spring.

Just so it is ready for you!

"Slow" Dan

Peter said...

Allen - I have now caught up reading your blog. I went through Daleville (driving) on a weekend to SC to see my daughter graduate college. The HoJo's is a decent place to stay. Continue to have fun. Boy are you hauling. Remember to smell the roses along the way.


Tom Reingold said...

Allen, how's your foot? You haven't mentioned that it's healing, so is no news good news?


Allen Freeman said...

Hey Tom, my feet are doing okay. No particular problems but general tenderness and soreness if I push too many miles in a day.

Since my boots have fallen apart I am going to try my trail runners, at least through Shenandoah National Park. If they don't work for me then I'll have Jodi send my other boots to me at Front Royal.

Allen Freeman said...

Chenango! Great to hear from you!

I don't feel like I am hauling. I am pretty much keeping to the sort of schedule I created for the trip. I hope to be in Front Royal around the end of next weekend, and I'll probably take a zero there.

What have you been doing for hiking this season?

I am looking forward to blueberry pancakes at Upper Goose Pond sometime in July.