Sunday, March 29, 2009


I took only a very few photos on the last leg of my hike since it was
raining all the time and the camera was buried deep inside my pack in
the dry bag along with my clothes and the other electronics. The few
pictures I did take are here:

Allen F. Freeman


Judy Konopka said...

This photo is beautiful!

Marlietta said...

That is a very cool photo Allen. Would you let me pay you for an 8x10 print of it when you get back to civilization?

Anju Freeman said...

love the photo dad, thats one crazy looking tree!

Tom Reingold said...

I love the pictures. You look good in a beard. And are you a redhead? I never noticed before.

I was in eastern Tennessee on business Wednesday evening through Friday midday, so I got some of the rain and clouds you've been having.

Holly said...

Gorgeous photo, Allen!

Allyson said...

WOW, I love this photo. AWSOME. I agree with Marlietta.... I want a print!