Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cheshire MA to North Adams MA

Saturday, 7/25

AT Miles = 14.4 / 1582.1
Other Miles = 0.4 / 53.6
Total Miles = 14.8 / 1624.8

Miles to Katahdin = 596.2

Another day of slackpacking. After a hearty breakfast Jodi dropped me
off back in Cheshire and I hiked up to the summit of Greylock as the
sun burned through the clouds and fog. I got my first view of Greylock
on this trip when I was a mile or so south of the summit. Greylock is
usually visible from multiple spots in Connecticut and southern
Massachusetts, but the weather has been so wet and cloudy that I have
had no views at all.

It was really nice making the climb from 974' to 3491' (highest point
in Massachusetts) without my heavy backpack. I didn't even have to
carry my lunch as Jodi met me at the summit of Greylock with a big fat
grinder (hoagie, sub, spukie, po' boy) and a soda. She also brought a
bagful of sweet, delicious oranges and some grapes, which we shared
with some of the other hikers we saw there.

I finished my hiking day by hiking down the north side of Greylock
until the point where the trail crosses Rt 2 in North Adams. I will
start there tomorrow morning, with my full backpack this time, heading
for Vermont only 4 miles further north.

It has been really great slackpacking these last two days, and I will
be really sad, for multiple reasons, to leave Jodi tomorrow and watch
her drive off heading for home.

Allen F. Freeman


Ken Williamson said...


Glad you are back on the trail, mended and in good spirits. I notice a new additon over the last several days to the blog..."Miles to Katahdin". I guess you have finally caught Katadin Fever.

Good luck and health as you continue north. Say hi to Kid Gore for me. I will get back there someday.


Allen Freeman said...

So Ken, what's up? How come I haven't seen you on the trail yet? I thought you were a manly man.

Allen Freeman said...

Haven't really caught Katahdin Fever, just trying to infect myself.

So Ken, you going to come hike the Hundred Mile Wilderness with me? I'll be expecting you in Monson...